TimeSpring’s Continuous Data Protection Software Is Selected By Cybernetics For Their New Turnkey iSAN Vault CDP Appliance

By | May 2, 2006

TimeSpring Software Corp. and Cybernetics Inc. announced an agreement under which Cybernetics will include TimeSpring’s TimeData™ continuous data protection software with its iSAN Vault line of iSCSI storage solutions to create a turnkey data protection appliance for SQL Server, Exchange and NTFS. The iSAN Vault CDP system captures and stores all data changes in real-time so users can recover from data loss, corruption or security breaches within minutes.

“The iSAN Vault CDP appliance does not leave users vulnerable to protection gaps such as those between scheduled backups or data snapshots,” said Martin Aherron, Vice President of Cybernetics. “That’s what customers are really asking for and we are pleased that we can now meet their needs with an easy to use and affordable solution. Cybernetics selected TimeSpring´s TimeData software because they provide a true CDP solution especially for Exchange and SQL Server.”

TimeSpring’s TimeData continuous data protection software is a file-based, and application-aware. It captures all changes to Windows application data as they occur and understands important application consistency events, such as checkpoints and transactions. All data changes are immediately transferred for protection on the Cybernetics’ iSAN Vault iSCSI-based storage array.

Installation of the iSAN Vault CDP appliance is simple, non-disruptive, and requires no special user training or skills. Users simply connect the iSAN Vault CDP appliance to their Ethernet network, give it an IP address and install the TimeData software on their application servers.

Once installed, the system automatically and continuously protects data without scheduling, backup windows, or slowing down production on Exchange, database or file servers. Users can easily recover complete or partial data sets to any desirable points in time. This makes it possible to rapidly recover from data loss, corruption or disaster or to leverage data for activities such as testing, business intelligence or reporting.

“We are delighted that Cybernetics chose TimeSpring for their iSAN Vault CDP offering,” said Janae Lee, CEO with TimeSpring. “Cybernetics has a strong reputation for delivering solid, reliable storage solutions as well as excellent engineering and technical skills.”

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