Threats, Attacks, Software Flaws

By | December 11, 2006

AIT has developed a comprehensive suite of security products to include an enterprise level firewall, intrusion detection and protection, a server scan, and upgraded anti-spam and anti-virus software. Alan W. Hinden, President & CEO of Computer Consultants Corporation´s Web King division relies on a firewall solution from AIT for his Las Vegas-based technology consulting business.

“Our business and our clients depend on an always-on, fast and reliable web hosting environment, so we need a service that is pro-active, preventive and secure.” said Hinden. “There are thousands of attempts and actual security breaches of Web servers on the Internet every day, with illegal phishing sites, SPAM mailers and DOS zombies being set up, running and going undetected until they start causing real serious problems and server slowdowns. This firewall is our first line of defense against them.”

“A lot of companies treat security issues with an ´it won´t happen to me´ attitude; then something happens to them,” said Clarence Briggs, AIT´s Chief Executive Officer. “That´s why we have put a premium on products and services that stop attacks before they can spread through a network.” In addition to the firewall, AIT also offers: Intrusion Detection & Protection to get ahead of potential threats before they can cause damage, Server Monitoring for oversight of critical systems like HTTP, SMTP load, and FTP, with notifications when load thresholds are met, Scanning Service that scours machines and networks for flaws and exploits, then follows up with recommended patches or service packs, Surf Report that tracks employee Internet activity and lets administrators set parameters so resources are not abused.

AIT´s security services are part of a managed network so individual users do not incur the costs of hardware and installation, systems integration, or infrastructure upgrades. “We look at security from a network level; if an issue threatens one customer, chances are it has the capability to threaten many, so this is security as part of infrastructure,” said Briggs. “For a customer, it´s a low-cost no-risk means of keeping pace with an ever-evolving part of doing business online.”

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