The Wi-Fi Exploit, Who Is Lying?

By | August 23, 2006

The plot of the wireless MacBook exploit thickens, and – as the quagmire grows – it is becoming increasingly clear that something is amiss. After Apple spokesperson Lynn Fox’s statement got published in Macworld, a reader of Krebs’ article called him out in the comments, asking him to explain the discrepancy between his report and the Apple statement.

Krebs’ response is interesting at the very least: “and you think that Macworld articles adds anything to this because why? You should spend a little bit of time looking at what Apple is actually claiming, and what they’re not talking about here. Apple’s PR people are basically pointing out exactly what I’ve said for the past two posts on this issue — that Maynor et. al indeed used a third-party USB card in the video.”

Of course, looking at the Apple statement, one can clearly see the second part of it which reads: “Further, SecureWorks has not shared or demonstrated any code in relation to the Black Hat-demonstrated exploit that is relevant to the hardware and software that we ship.”Read Full Story

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