The Return of the Network Manager

By | August 7, 2006

Fortunately, there are tools to help with all of this. They can make real-time and historical information available about the structure and performance of the network as well as any significant events that will have a serious business impact. Though they are not new, the latest generation will enable network managers to resolve problems more easily and quickly. They will also be able to carry out detailed forensic analysis; demonstrate that services have been delivered and performance achieved; and create forecasting reports and analyses for planning and budgeting. This kind of technology places more information at the fingertips of network managers than they have ever had before.

We’ve come full circle. The network is hip once more. Network managers are the stars of the show, feted for their expertise – and relied on more than ever. Happily they have the tools and data to prove just how suited to the spotlight they really are.

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