The New Keeping the Bad Guys Out of Your for 802.11

By | January 11, 2005

The biggest advance in wireless security over the past year and a half has been the releaseand growing market acceptance of the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) securityspecification.

The WPA standard was created by the Wi-Fi Alliance in early 2003. TheWi-Fi Alliance began testing WPA compatibility in June 2003, and recently made WPA mandatory for obtaining the Wi-Fi label. The Wi-Fi Alliance based WPA on the work being done in the IEEE 802.11i task group –specifically on 802.11i Draft 3.0.

The Wi-Fi Alliance selected portions of the 802.11iwork that were well defined and certain to survive unchanged through the final adoptionof the 802.11i standard.WPA specifies user authentication based on 802.1x, enhanced data encryption usingTemporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) and data validation using Message IntegrityCheck (MIC).

Read the full paper in PDF here

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