The Many Faces of Authentication

By | September 1, 2006

Among other technologies, a new generation of behavioral biometrics is gaining traction. Financial risk management vendor Fair Isaac recently introduced a new product called Falcon One for Online Access, which monitors customer behaviors, such as typing and mouse pad patterns.

It wasn´t all that long ago that the market for strong authentication Relevant Products/Services from VeriSign products was the tech industry´s equivalent of “Coke or Pepsi?” Companies had just a few choices, including secure tokens such as RSA´s popular SecurID and chip-enabled smart cards from companies such as Axalto and Cemplus.

Cards and tokens are still the name of the game for many companies, and the smart-card industry expects 2007 to be one of their best years ever. But behind the scenes, there´s plenty going on in the once-staid market for user authentication technology.Read Full Story

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