The importance of network security

By | May 23, 2006

The proliferation of technology has created a mobile society consisting of millions of telecommuters, field workers, travelling sales personnel and home-office workers. Users can connect to their office networks from hotels, airports and other remote locations besides home.

Today, the word ´network´ has larger connotations. Network now encompasses the whole process of information creation, flow, storage and processing. In other words, it is the lifeline of the process of value creation, on which a company thrives.

But, the very features of connectivity and accessibility that make networks so indispensable to contemporary society, are today creating unforeseen consequences – making it important for organisations to adopt security measures. Some have their applications protected with robust encryption; others are looking to lock down their networks in the face of external threats; still others want to open their networks up to partners, customers and the mobile workforce, without compromising on security.Read Full Story

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