The Enterprise Swamped in Data

By | June 1, 2005

As volumes of data continue to grow, small and medium businesses unable to see the wood for the trees when it comes to storage provision, delaying purchasing because of a lack of easy to implement solutions for their needs, according to a research published by Vanson Bourne.

The research, conducted through Zycko amongst 200 SME IT managers, provided a detailed overview of the storage concerns currently faced by UK SMEs and highlights the value proposition of pre-packaged, open system SAN solutions able to resolve business problems without exposing the sector to further headaches.

The research highlights these figures: 74% of UK SMEs swamped by growing data volumes, 90% felt pushed into purchasing additional storage technology by a growing pressure to address potential disasters or business failures, 41% claimed that the need for a fully supported, packaged solution was delaying their purchasing process, 32% cited a lack of in-house expertise as being the primary barrier to their adoption of storage solutions.

“We have witnessed a growing hesitancy on the part of SMEs to take the plunge when it comes to storage related decisions. Because of traditional storage models which have seen users locked-in to one vendor, often experiencing punitive costs when adding extra resource, storage can be seen as an expensive investment. A major factor seems to be linked to previous experiences of being over promised or mis-sold point technology rather than solutions, which leaves businesses locked into relationships with expensive proprietary providers or saddled with expensive solutions which simply don’t address their problems,” said David Galton-Fenzi, Group Sales Director at Zycko.

“Businesses of this size have neither the time nor resource to invest in learning the skills needed to understand that vast and often complex range of technologies on offer. As 92% of firms stated, they are strongly focused on the end result – a solution which addresses their problems, be it effective disaster recovery, managing increased volumes of data or addressing the increasing issue of compliance, and they want that solution from a trusted provider who can demonstrate experience and knowledge of their problems. Fears and inactivity due to a lack of confidence in decisions could have a negative impact on the storage market as well as preventing investment in effective data storage solutions,” Galton-Fenzi adds.

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