The Black Hat Wi-Fi exploit coverup

By | August 8, 2006

Security researchers Dave Maynor of ISS and Johnny Cache — a.k.a. Jon Ellch — demonstrated an exploit that allowed them to install a rootkit on an Apple laptop in less than a minute.

Well, sort of; they showed a video of it, and also noted that they´d used a third-party Wi-Fi card in the demo of the exploit, rather than the MacBook´s internal Wi-Fi card. But they said that the exploit would work whether the third-party card — which they declined to identify — was inserted in a Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop.

How is that for murky and non-transparent? The whole world is at risk — if the exploit is real — whenever the unidentified card is used. But they won´t say which card, although many sources presume the card is based on the Atheros chipset, which Apple employs.Read Full Story

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