The best privacy consultancies

By | March 8, 2006

Within the past few years, privacy consulting has grown into a $400 million market in the U.S., and at least a dozen American law firms and each of the Big Four auditors have come to boast of a robust privacy practice. But to corporate executives, these consultancies can all sound like they´re selling the same thing: the master plan for keeping the company´s name out of Computerworld´s privacy breach roundup. So which ones can you turn to for the best advice?

That´s the question I posed to more than 100 of my fellow corporate privacy leaders last month. It wasn´t a scientific survey by any stretch, but some clear themes emerged through all of the responses. What did these chief privacy officers (CPO) say?

First, law firms garnered the lion´s share of the votes. This tells me American corporations are still primarily concerned with minimizing legal liability when it comes to privacy and aren´t yet focused on meeting the often-higher standard of customer expectations.Read Full Story

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