The Anti-Virus Software Market Is A Big Bubble

By | June 1, 2006

IT security is one of the most dynamic segments of the IT market, with anti-virus software traditionally featuring at the top of the list of the market players. Many habitually think that the worldwide web is teeming with viruses against which a powerful shield is needed.

Meanwhile, Igor Danilov, the developer of the legendary Russian anti-virus, Dr. Web, sees the anti-virus software market as a huge bubble existing solely due to PC users´ fears.

In his interview for CNews magazine (its e-version is, Mr. Danilov, IT- director with “Doctor Web” and the guru of the Russian anti-virus industry, shares his views as to what a really efficient anti-virus software package should be like, why Dr. Web has released its monopolistic grip on the market, and how a company may hope to survive and continue developing while counting on more than sales growth alone.Read Full Story

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