The advantages of Distributed Vulnerability Scanning

By | October 3, 2006

Organizations with large networks can enhance their vulnerability scanning efforts by deploying multiple Nessus vulnerability scanners. This blog entry discusses the advantages of using multiple scanners for both Nessus users and Security Center operators.

Tenable customers use distributed scanning to scan networks that were either once out of reach due to size or to really minimize their scan time. A typical large enterprise customer may have 6-10 Nessus scanners targeting more than live 50,000 hosts across multiple Class B addresses spaces. Some of our customers who deploy one scanner per “customer” (like an MSP), or one scanner per state or business unit can have 25 or more scanners.

Our customers who perform scanning with the Security Center get a “hosts scanned per minute” value for each vulnerability scan completed. We don´t publish raw numbers because there are dramatic differences between performing different types of scans such as a ping vs. a full port scan, host enumeration time-outs, the amount of “live” hosts on a given network and so on.Read Full Story

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