The 30-Day No-Spam Challenge

By | December 17, 2006

Alright, time to do a fun little experiment. Don’t you love it when you sign up for a brand new email account expecting to find no spam and to keep your inbox clean this time? I’ve done it before. Sometimes, my accounts have gotten so bad that I would receive up to 20,000 spam emails every 3-4 weeks minimum.

I learned to put up with it, but most of the time I found myself switching to a new email provider or trying to up the spam markers on Spamassassin. Eventually, I gave up. But that’s where Gmail came in. Once I switched to Gmail, my spam decreased a great deal. Granted I still received about 4000 spam emails every month, but compared to 20K – that’s much better!

So what do I plan on doing? Something crazy of course. Well, not really crazy, but more for the sake of science and experimentation mainly to satisfy my curiosity. Simple enough. We all know that many email providers such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc. typically require (or at least strongly recommend) a secondary, or some type of alternative contact email address.Read Full Story

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