Teradata Becomes Worldwide Reseller of Protegrity’s Defiance DPS

By | April 4, 2006

Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), and Protegrity Corporation, a leading provider of data security management solutions, today announced an expanded partnership. Teradata will serve as a worldwide reseller of Defiance DPS (data protection system), ensuring the integrity and privacy of sensitive corporate and customer data housed in Teradata® enterprise data warehouses and assisting clients with industry and regulatory compliance such as PCI (payment card industry) data security standards, Sarbanes-Oxley, and state privacy laws (e.g. CA SB1386).

Defiance DPS 4.0 for Teradata, released last month as part of the Defiance 4.0 suite, provides Teradata enterprise data warehouse customers a unique combination of strong data protection, centralized security management and extensive audit and reporting, with minimal impact on existing applications and IT infrastructure.

Leading organizations rely on Defiance DPS to protect their most sensitive data from internal and external threats and to adhere to industry and regulatory mandates. Features of Defiance DPS 4.0 include: High performance and scalability; leveraging Teradata´s environment, Defiance DPS has minimal impact on performance, processing hundreds of thousands of rows per second; Separation of duties between the security administrator and the database administrator; Central security policy management; Patented key management; Centralized compliance audit and reporting.

“Protegrity and Teradata have been partners for more than a year and we are very pleased about extending our strategic relationship,” said Randy Lea, vice president of Teradata product marketing. “Our clients house their most critical information assets in Teradata enterprise data warehouses and use that data to provide both strategic and operational intelligence throughout their enterprise´s supply chain and customer base. We are committed to helping our clients meet industry and government regulations. Defiance DPS 4.0, with all of its features, provides Teradata customers with data protection and continued performance leadership.”

Gordon Rapkin, president and chief executive officer of Protegrity, noted, “Over the last year, prospects and customers of Teradata and Protegrity have been requiring enterprise-wide data security and control of the information in their data warehouses. They are the beneficiaries when you combine Defiance DPS with Teradata´s powerful analytical capabilities. Defiance DPS 4.0 addresses Teradata customers´ concerns related to risk mitigation, corporate governance and regulatory compliance by delivering a best-in-class enterprise-level data encryption and management solution.”

Retail Ventures, Inc. Director of Customer and Marketing Systems Jerry Bisaha agrees, concluding that the best approach for Retail Ventures is a policy-driven, database-centric solution like Defiance DPS. “Defiance DPS is a column-level data security solution on the Teradata platform that is best-in-breed. We can take an enterprise view of meeting regulatory security requirements, protecting sensitive data while it resides in Teradata databases and extending data security policies to sensitive data wherever it is outside the warehouse environment.”

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