TELUS and Visto join forces to offer secure two-way wireless e-mail solution

By | April 26, 2006

TELUS and Visto Corporation today announced the availability of Business Inbox, powered by Visto MobileTM, a secure wireless e-mail service that offers mobile professionals instantaneous access to critical corporate information from their mobile devices.

“TELUS continues to expand its e-mail services portfolio with sophisticated wireless applications such as Business Inbox, allowing business users of all kinds to stay connected and visible, anytime, anywhere,” said Robert Blumenthal, TELUS senior vice president of products and services. “Available for clients ranging from individual users up to national enterprise clients, Business Inbox lets professionals experience first-hand the significant productivity gains possible with mobile e-mail.”

The Business Inbox application can be downloaded “over the air” to any supported wireless data device, allowing clients to immediately send and receive mobile e-mail. Business Inbox works with both IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange and can be installed in just a matter of minutes.

TELUS clients can experience fully synchronised, real-time e-mail, calendar and contacts using one of the following options:

TELUS Enterprise Server: Larger organisations can deploy the TELUS Enterprise Server behind-the-firewall solution to offer mobile workers a lifeline to critical data and IT managers the reassurance that all communications are secured from end-to-end and protected by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

TELUS Desktop Redirector: Designed for small business users with minimal IT resources and for individuals and workgroups that are part of larger organisations, TELUS Desktop Redirector provides wireless access for up to five users. By simply installing a single piece of software on the desktop, business users can be immediately up and running on wireless e-mail. The TELUS Desktop Redirector also uses AES Encryption to ensure end-to-end message security.

“TELUS´ selection of Visto Mobile(tm) to power Business Inbox reaffirms their strong commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence,” said Brian Bogosian, Visto´s president, chairman and CEO. “Visto has teamed up with TELUS to bring to Canada the best push e-mail offering that empowers today´s ´on-the-go´ professionals with the tools they need to access information when they need it from wherever they need it. By offering users ease-of-use, an open systems approach and more choice, we enable mobile operators like TELUS to reach all levels within an organisation with a secure push email service that addresses a user´s business and personal requirements.”

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