TECSys Development Announces Network Security, Monitoring, Management and Compliance Appliance

By | April 11, 2006

TECSys Development Inc (TDi) (www.tditx.com), a provider of enterprise Security Event Management (SEM) and regulatory compliance solutions, today announced a cost-effective version of their powerful ConsoleWorks software — now preconfigured in a server appliance for out-of-the-box convenience. The ConsoleWorks Appliance Server (CAS) is an advanced software-hardware combination that enables IT organizations to deliver a robust, remote or local, network management solution. Developed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB), and powered by ConsoleWorks technology, the appliance provides companies complete remote access to real-time, around-the-clock, consolidated management of their networked systems, servers, applications, and devices.

ConsoleWorks´ CAS enables IT managers to act immediately — locally or remotely — fixing any system or device problems that arise. Additionally, remediation of recurring events can be automated using ConsoleWorks´ Intelligent Event Modules (IEMs) and custom scripts.

Shipping to customers immediately, TDi will offer two models: the CAS 1000W (priced at $24,500) and the CAS 2000W (priced at $49,500). The CAS 1000W will offer a 24-port console license with an eight-port Multi-Connect license. The CAS 2000W will offer a 48-port console license with a 24-port Multi-Connect license and a dual power supply.

The brain inside the box, ConsoleWorks´ intelligent software, continuously monitors a networked system´s data streams. When problems are identified the CAS appliance immediately notifies support personnel and executes default or customized responses to resolve the issue. ConsoleWorks captures the event, system conditions immediately preceding the event, and any actions taken. This data is then logged in digitally signed, tamper-proof files and sent to a secure, centralized knowledge base. This storehouse of critical business intelligence gives executives a complete set of change records, keeping them in compliance with their industry´s regulatory criteria. In addition, with the extensive reporting tools available in ConsoleWorks, company executives are audit-ready at all times.

“We created the ConsoleWorks Appliance Server in direct response to requests from enterprise customers,” explained Steve Cotton, CEO for TDi. “Having successfully implemented a ConsoleWorks solution, some of our 3,000-plus client companies are taking a hard look at the potential security risks in their supply chain — particularly network management vendors they rely upon for data. These enterprise customers looked at ConsoleWorks and asked us to create a scalable solution that was cost-appropriate for their S&MB partners. The result is our CAS appliance, offering all the network management, remediation and compliance functionality of our flagship ConsoleWorks software in an easy-to-implement server appliance.”

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