Tarari Introduces New XML Security Silicon

By | February 14, 2006

Tarari Inc., the award-winning acceleration company, today announced its new Tarari XML Threat Manager (XTM(TM)) Content Processor silicon designed to allow original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to add powerful XML Threat Management into network security equipment such as firewalls, VPNs, IPS, UTMs, access control, application networking devices and application accelerators. Tarari´s “Content Processor” products are ASICs, production boards and embedded software components that are designed to snap in to networking, appliance, blades and server systems. Tarari is demonstrating XTM on the Tarari booth #240 at the RSA(R) Conference in San Jose, February 14-16.

Tarari´s XML Threat Manager Content Processor is unique in the industry because it provides a single piece of silicon that: Guarantees message security for top XML threats; Snaps easily into network security equipment; 100% built in hardware to guarantee against software failures

XML-based Web Services, AJAX, Web 2.0 and other new XML standards are exposing mission critical applications to new security threats. The benefits of XML and Web Services are clear, and its use is now pervasive throughout the industry for applications in both the enterprise and telecommunications markets. The current danger is that security systems have simply not kept up with the new ways that attacks can now occur due to XML-based protocols and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Every XML message in a transactional environment is business-critical — its accuracy and safety must be assured. Tarari´s XTM is a big step forward in achieving this.

“Tarari has achieved another industry first with the release our Tarari XTM silicon, which enables OEMs to add XML Threat Management capability to their devices,” said Randy Smerik, co-founder and president/CEO Tarari. “XTM´s protection capabilities and streaming XML processing technology will be critical to the success of transaction-intensive Web Services deployments. Tarari´s XTM silicon has been designed to make it very easy to design into both new and existing systems.”

Tarari streaming-based XTM, scalable to 10 Gbps, is uniquely designed to work in packet-oriented network security devices and to provide the same active protection against attacks found in IPS and UTM devices. While XML firewalls provide some protection against XML threats, Tarari XTM continues where conventional defenses stop.

Tarari´s patent-pending XML anomaly detection “learns” to recognize threat-bearing messages that XML firewalls would let through. Tarari XTM recognizes dozens of well-known XML XDoS attacks like recursive payload, attribute explosion and dangling XML, but goes beyond anything on the market in being able to flag traffic that represents novel and previously unknown threats — often on the first packet. Providing speed, deep content inspection and an adaptive defense mechanism, Tarari XTM is an easy and cost-effective upgrade solution for major networking vendors.

“By 2010, XML traffic will represent the majority of all system-to-system and business-to-business interactions, with the result that over 50 percent of all network traffic will be XML-based by then,” said ZapThink LLC analyst Ronald Schmelzer. “Such growth is predicated on the ability of vendors to deliver solutions that ensure this traffic is accurate and free of threats. Tarari XTM offers vendors an innovative silicon technology to enable this capability to augment their existing devices.”

Layer 7 Technologies is an OEM that uses the new XTM technology. Layer 7 will be joining Tarari to demonstrate its new SecureSpan OX product, an OEM bundle incorporating software for configuration, setting traffic policies, monitoring and reporting built around Tarari XTM, at the RSA Conference in the Tarari booth #240.

“Tarari XTM is a unique technology that enables us to provide our OEMs and our enterprise customers a new level of threat detection, evaluation and handling, while maintaining optimal performance,” said Lonny McLean, CEO of Layer 7 Technologies. “Layer 7 is committed to delivering technologies that help our customers deploy high-performance, end-to-end security and governance for their Web Services and XML applications, and Tarari is an exceptional partner in this effort.”

Tarari also provides its award-winning RAX technology to accelerate XML Schema Validation, Random Access XML parsing, XSLT and element-level XML Security in dedicated XML appliances.

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