Tandberg Data extends LTO tape backup into entry-level storage market with affordable, low-profile LTO drive

By | February 22, 2006

Tandberg Data, the only European data storage company that designs and manufactures tape drives, tape automation and disk sub systems, today announced general availability of the most affordable tape drive in the market. Tandberg Data is offering an attractive entry to the high-performance, high-capacity open standard LTO technology with a 5.25 inch half-height drive design for under Ј745.

Designed for network, workstation and desktop backup, the Tandberg 220LTO half-height tape drive meets the capacity, low cost of ownership and future growth requirements of small- to medium-sized business (SMB) customers.

At a price of under Ј745, the Tandberg 220LTO provides the enterprise-class features of LTO technology for 100GB (native capacity) applications of the SMB market. The drive features all the built-in reliability inherent in other Tandberg Data low-profile drive designs.

LTO Ultrium tape technology reached over 77 percent market share over SDLT and SAIT in 2004 and over 350,000 LTO-based drives shipped in that same year[1], commented Fara Yale, research vice president at Gartner Inc.

Small- to medium-sized businesses today are faced with rapidly expanding data storage requirements, limited backup windows and modest budgets. Tape backup devices must address all three of these issues in order to be successful with this segment.

The cost-effective Tandberg 220LTO makes it easy for users to start with a technology that already offers three generations of growth from 100GB to 400GB. The complete LTO Ultrium roadmap defines six generations leading to 3.2TB so any business investing in today№s product has the security of a future-focused technology.

Backing up 100GB (native capacity) at 16MB/s transfer rate (native), the Tandberg 220LTO delivers the highest transfer rate in its capacity class.

The Tandberg 220LTO also features a unique airflow and single printed circuit board (PCB) with low power consumption to provide high reliability in media, drive and server performance due to operating environment.

Embedded media management for intelligent diagnostics and Smart Gripper technology for tape loading assures users of optimised media handling.

The low-cost design of the 220LTO features the best cost-per-gigabyte ratio of any tape drive in its class. Plus, with the low cost of LTO1 media, users are assured of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any tape drive/media combination within the first year when using a typical Grandfather-Father-Son backup scheme.

For users who need to backup more than 40GB of data, enterprise-class LTO technology has been largely out of reach for the budget-constrained organisation until now, commented Gudmundur Einarsson, CEO at Tandberg Data. The introduction of the feature-rich Tandberg 220LTO allows these customers to meet current data storage capacity requirements at an affordable entry cost with a secure roadmap that will meet escalating data growth rates.

The Tandberg 220LTO is available as a bare drive or as an internal or external kit, which includes SCSI cable, terminator, tape cartridge and backup application software.

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