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By | February 8, 2006

Talisma Corporation (www.talisma.com), the leading provider of customer interaction management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Talisma Professional Edition for small and mid-sized companies and departments within large enterprises. Leveraging the highly cost-effective Internet medium, Talisma’s new, easy to use applications offer single or multiple online communication channels, such as self service, chat, and email, enabling businesses to deliver superior customer service.

Talisma Professional Edition includes Talisma Email, Talisma Chat, Talisma Telephony, and Talisma Knowledgebase/Web self service. Competitively priced, these solutions enable small and mid-size organisations the real ability to offer the highest level of customer service regardless of whether there’s one customer service agent or many working from a small office, a dedicated call centre or from remote locations. With rapid out-of-the-box deployments, Talisma Professional Edition delivers measurable return on investment within hours or days of implementation through increased customer interaction efficiency and effectiveness. As part of the solution, Talisma is offering complimentary initial and ongoing Web-based training courses, helping to ensure both a rapid implementation and ongoing success.

“For a minimal investment, Talisma has helped our Customer Support Department improve the flow of information. We are readily providing our customers with the information they need, without bottleneck, and supplying immediate answers to questions,” commented Vanessa Regan, HR & Customer Support Manager, Access Gaming Systems Ltd.

“From day one, Talisma Professional Edition has helped us meet our customer service goals of increasing service levels and decreasing costs,” said Tamara Field, President, Apollo Hosting (www.apollohosting.com). “We’re a small organisation delivering business critical services that our customers rely on and we have to handle a significant level of customer service questions every day. With Talisma Professional Edition Knowledgebase, we’ve cost effectively empowered our customers to find their own answers and have helped our agents address inbound questions more efficiently. Whether it’s an agent-assisted interaction or self service, with Talisma, the take away is always a positive customer experience.”

“Small businesses must treat each customer as their only customer. Until now, delivering this premium level of customer service has been a monumental pain point and huge financial burden,” said Dan Vetras, President and CEO, Talisma. “Talisma Professional Edition’s low cost of entry allows smaller organisations the opportunity to provide the same excellent service as even the most customer-centric large corporation.”

Talisma Professional Edition communication channels can be delivered as on-demand or onsite applications and are designed to stand alone or work effectively together as an integrated suite. Channels and users can be added, as needed. Also available as a host-to-own, Talisma Professional Edition can seamlessly transition from an on-demand to onsite solution, as a company’s Internet Technology needs change.

Cost-effectively delivering all of the features and functionality required by small to mid-size organisations, Talisma Professional Edition solutions are simple for both administrators and end-users to use. For instance, Talisma’s “Snap In” portals allow businesses to simply embed a Knowledgebase into their website enabling anyone to easily create a professional looking customer support portal. Additionally, Talisma Professional Edition offers templates and automated functionality in order to present consistent styles and uniform information via chat, email and Web self service channels. To ensure wide-scale usage and acceptance – by internal and external users − each solution is designed with an intuitive user interface so that creating and sharing information, establishing rules, work flows and routing, and generating reports is as easy as pointing and clicking.

Talisma Professional Edition includes:

Talisma Professional Chat – Facilitates real-time resolutions for just pennies per interaction. End-customers receive instant access to live proactive and reactive service and agents gain the ability to chat with multiple users simultaneously to drive even greater efficiencies. The cost starts at a one time Ј434/per user fee for onsite and Ј37 per user/month for on-demand.

Talisma Professional Edition Email – Enables a small business to accurately and efficiently respond to high volumes of emails. Smart routing and automated responses help improve productivity and increase first-contact resolution rates. The cost starts at a one time Ј434/per user fee for onsite and Ј37 per user/month for on-demand.

Talisma Professional Phone – Provides agents with a single view workspace for critical information such as customer history and scripts and integrates with legacy telephony technology ensuring existing investments maintain value. The cost starts at a one time Ј434/per user fee for onsite and Ј37 per user/month for on demand.

Talisma Knowledgebase & Web Self Service – Offers customers a fast, reliable source of answers to commonly asked questions, deflecting inbound calls and enabling a cost-effective 24/7/365 customer interaction channel. For agent assisted customer support, Talisma Knowledgebase can decrease call times, reduce escalations, and increase first-call resolution rates. The cost starts at a one time Ј3,097 fee for onsite and Ј248 per month for on-demand.

Talisma Professional Edition CIM Suite – Delivers an integrated customer communications solution for a multi-channel customer experience. The cost starts at a one time Ј992 fee per user for onsite and Ј93 per month for on-demand.

For organisations interested in learning more about Talisma Professional Edition, Talisma offers a free 30-day trial. For more information, please visit: www.talisma.com.

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