Talisma Announces Talisma CIM 7.0

By | March 1, 2006

Talisma® Corporation (www.talisma.com), the leading provider of enterprise Customer Interaction Management (CIM) solutions, today announced the release of Talisma CIM 7.0. This comprehensive interaction management suite fully integrates multiple communication channels, including email, chat, Web self-service and phone with an intelligent knowledgebase, robust business process functionality and third party data. Additionally, Talisma CIM 7.0 offers extensive measurement and cross-channel reporting capabilities. Deployed onsite or on-demand and built on a secure, extensible platform that can scale to handle millions of interactions per month, Talisma CIM 7.0 uniquely meets the needs of today’s global businesses delivering superior customer service and creating clear competitive advantage.

The Talisma CIM 7.0 product suite includes Talisma Email, Talisma Chat and Talisma Phone and leverages the award-winning Talisma Knowledgebase across all agent and self-assisted customer contact channels. The knowledgebase integration allows a seamless escalation from Web self-service to alternate service channels and provides agents with a view of prior self-service searches and returned results. As a result of this new level of visibility and seamless cross-channel integration, service agents have immediate access to reliable and consistent information enabling more helpful and rapid responses.

“For any leading company, customer service is of paramount importance. Talisma has helped us transform our online service offering with an increase in online enquiries of 1,125 per cent in just five years. At the same time, Talisma’s multi-channel approach has helped us to increase efficiency by 30 per cent whilst reducing the cost of each enquiry by 38 per cent through technologies such as chat”, said Ian Bodsworth, Operations Manager, EPSON Customer [email protected] Centre. “The launch of CIM 7.0 allows us to take advantage of the scalability enhancements as we extend the reach of our market-leading customer service into our other European territories. In particular, we will be better able to manage the growing number of users internally through the ability to designate roles and responsibilities to different levels of customer support agents.”

Key to delivering enhanced customer service is the Talisma Customer Interaction Hub, the central platform of the new product suite. The Customer Interaction Hub provides a common interface for seamless transfers and escalations between channels. It also houses a workflow engine supporting business rules and routing routines and provides one-click access to pertinent data stored in third party systems, such as CRM or ERP solutions. By presenting all of the necessary information in a single desktop view, agents can see accurate customer background information and interaction history, thus enabling them to address issues more expeditiously and effectively. Enhancements made to the Customer Interaction Hub deliver richer functionality and refined capabilities, such as improved role and departmental assignments. These enhancements, particularly valuable for contact centres that support multiple lines of business, divisions, or tiered customer service levels, improve the customer experience by assigning the most appropriate agent to each interaction.

In addition, Talisma CIM 7.0 provides real-time and historical reporting to improve customer service levels. Used by administrators and customer care executives, comprehensive and effective reports — including cross-channel interaction management metrics — can help assess service levels, productivity, and business processes. With Talisma’s enhanced reporting capabilities, customer service organisations can better incorporate customer feedback into corporate-wide strategic planning.

Scalability and Reliability across the Enterprise

Designed with a reliable clustered architecture based on intelligent load-balancing software, Talisma CIM 7.0 can handle more interactions per server more efficiently and effectively. Talisma CIM 7.0 can dependably scale from a single server to a clustered server environment with the ability to support disparate contact centres around the world and customers who regularly generate millions of interactions per month. Server nodes and rules can be added regularly without service interruption, and service agents’ desktops can be linked to all of the system’s application servers for a blended agent-channel approach. As a result, companies are able to deliver faster response times by ensuring customer questions are efficiently routed to the most appropriate agent available.

Extensibility Drives Usability and Value

Talisma CIM 7.0 offers Web-based integration capabilities to legacy systems such as billing, provisioning, CRM, and ERP. Talisma’s flexible approach to integration allows access to existing applications used by service agents and permits these applications to be intelligently incorporated into each of the Talisma CIM 7.0 channel components. Additionally, with published API documentation, Talisma’s customers and partners can create their own User Interface and write custom code to support specific integration requirements. Through Talisma CTI connections, legacy call centre infrastructure can be modernised, versus replaced, allowing enterprises to continue to benefit from previous technology investments.

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