Symbian Virus Targets Mobiles, Windows PCs

By | September 22, 2005

A new Symbian virus targets Series 60 Symbian devices attempts to infect user’s Windows computers when the phone memory card is read using the computer. The worm uses Bluetooth and multimedia messages to hop across onto other devices.

After the device was infected, the virus titled Cardtrap-A installs two Windows worms to the memory card. The worm also creates an autorun.inf configuration file that allows the worm to run automatically when inserted into Windows PC.

“The goal of the Trojan is most likely to cause user to infect his PC when he is trying disinfect his phone,” said anti-virus firm F-Secure.

“A typical reaction of more advanced user, who would encounter Trojan like Cardtrap, would be to insert the phone memory card to PC to copy file manager or disinfection tool to the card. Only this time a careless user might to get his PC infected in process.”

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