Symbian Commercial Spyware Released

By | March 30, 2006

It seems someone has developed a trojan that can be used on a Symbian mobile phone to record information about the victims mobile call usage and SMS messages. The malware application is called Flexispy and it sends the captured information to a remote server. Flexispy is interesting as it was written by a commercial company and for commercial reasons.

Much like other PC based spying tools it is claimed by the company that the application is a useful tool for catching a cheating spouse or other such wrong doer.

However the application installs itself without any kind of indication as to what the application is, it attempts to hide itself to prevent detection by the victim. Thus it could be easily be used by some other form of malware as part of its payload.

Coupled with the fact in many countries that spying on peoples communications by telephone is illegal and the information is stored on the company FlexiSpy servers it has quickly lead to some anti-virus companies putting signatures in their products to detect and remove the trojan.Read Full Story

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