Symantec Hooks Up Anti-Phishing Company

By | September 23, 2005

Symantec Thursday announced it is planning to acquire WholeSecurity, maker of behavior-based anti-phishing solutions. The acquisition will help the company to expend its limited anti-phishing products. Financial details were not disclosed.

WholeSecurity products provide a zero-hour protection against malicious code through its behavior-based engine, which identifies behavior patterns in malicious programs such as spyware, worms and viruses. While behavior-based software lacks the accuracy of signature-based approaches, the main advantage is that it can block malicious code in the early stage.

“It´s the zero-hour protection,” says Brian Foster, senior director for product management at Symantec, about why Symantec wants to acquire WholeSecurity´s technologies. “We´ll continue to sell WholeSecurity´s standalone products.”

WholeSecurity was launched in 2003 with 8.5 million in venture-capital funding. Symantec is expected to close the acquisition in October.

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