SurfControl Enhances Software Delivery of Worldwide Internet Threat Protection with Akamai Technologies

By | January 17, 2007

SurfControl (London: SRF), the leading provider of global on-demand, network and endpoint IT security solutions, and Akamai Technologies, (Nasdaq: AKAM), the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online, today announced that SurfControl has moved its product download and threat list updates to Akamai’s infrastructure.

Akamai’s infrastructure deployment will provide SurfControl with best-in-class global reach for Internet threat protection update lists for its on-site products. SurfControl currently has global data center presence for its on-demand solutions hosted with Equinix in the U.S. and Asia/Pacific, and with IX Europe.

Akamai’s Electronic Software Delivery solution will enable SurfControl to deliver more frequent updates, accelerate threat update delivery times by up to 300 percent and increase site capacity to accommodate a growing number of customers, as well as surges in traffic. Predictable, best-of-breed online performance has already resulted in improved customer satisfaction, and is supporting the company’s expansion into emerging economic areas such as South America, Eastern Europe, India, and China.

By leveraging Akamai´s global network of 20,000 servers with access to over 1,000 networks, customers receiving a scheduled or emergency threat list update now access the Akamai server closest to them rather than having to rely on a central location. With servers deployed in over 69 countries, Akamai guarantees the best possible delivery regardless of Internet peering, firewalling, and any other issues ensuring faster threat updates.

“SurfControl has aggressive growth plans worldwide, and we needed to ensure reliable delivery, even in countries where the quality of Internet connections is not as robust as it should be,” said Max Rayner, executive vice president for products & services and CIO for SurfControl. “Since Akamai is the gold standard in the content distribution and acceleration space, they were our natural choice to assure competitive and cost-to-serve advantages. With the Akamai solution, SurfControl has been able to avoid costly data center build outs and, by avoiding bursting bandwidth costs, reduce ISP charges by at least $144,000 per year.”

“Consumers expect to successfully download software quickly and without hassle, no matter where they are or how many other people are trying to download it, said Brad Rinkin, Akamai Vice President of Marketing. “We are pleased to support SurfControl’s online business needs so their customers get the service they expect through complete, immediate downloads anywhere in the world. Akamai allows SurfControl the confidence and cost savings of electronic software delivery with a 100% uptime.”

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