Sunnysoft Backup Manager 4.0 Review

By | November 28, 2006

If your PDA is lost or stolen, you have to recall all that information which can be very time-consuming. Scheduling a regular backup of your PDA is a good habit to protect emails, contacts and other data you store on your PDA.

Sunnysoft Backup Manager is a data backup application for PDAs running Windows Mobile. For every-day computer users, it offers a user-friendly backup solution with its one-click backup and restore. Advanced users enjoy the myriad options of the backup configuration.

In addition to backing up data, Backup Manager supports backup file compression, password protected backups, self-extracting backups and backup activity log. These are all pretty much standard features you’d expect from any good backup solution, but where this solution comes into its own is in the integrated backup planning feature.

The integral backup planning is ideal for users who usually think about backing up data on a PDA about five seconds after their PDA crashes or their battery is drying. It will let you schedule backups based on a specific day and time or at a minimum battery level.

For enterprise users, Backup Manager supports command line parameters and XML configuration.


Priced at $20.00, the Sunnysoft Backup Manager is a very nice piece of software. It does just about everything you could want from a PDA backup solution, is user-friendly and works pretty well.

Easy of Use: 9/10 | Value for money: 10/10 | SunnySoft

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