Sun Prepares for New Solaris Release

By | November 3, 2004

Sun Micrososystems, Inc. accounted Tuesday that the next release of their popular Unix operating system Solaris 10 will launch as part of a larger product unveiling later this month in San Jose, at the Tech Museum of Innovation.

Solaris 10 is currently available in Beta and will include a number of new and cutting edge features such as a new, and much needed, error-detection system, a new file system called ZFS and a new diagnostic tool called DTrace.

In addition, the new OS will natively support AMD´s Opteron chipset in 64-bit mode, viewed by many as a large step forward in terms of partnering with other companies. Traditionally Solaris for x86 architectures has processed data at the 32-bit level which has significantly impacted performance for many clients.

Additionally, Solaris 10 will include N1 Grid Containers which will allow Solaris to run up to 4000 independent environments, much like target=_blank>Microsoft´s Virtual Server 2005.

Sun has recently been attempting to push Solaris as a new alternative to Linux, as Linux has become rather attractive due to its low cost nature and native clustering and extended grid computing capabilities.

In a perplexing move, Sun is also looking to release an Open Source version of Solaris known as Open Solaris. Open Solaris will include all current innovations such as DTrace, though it will not include intellectual property that Sun doesn´t actually own.

Similar moves to open products which have typically either been in competition with existing Open Source offerings by Novell have been met very positively by the Open Source community, partners and the industry.

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