Summary Of Mobile Threats For Year 2005

By | May 1, 2006

The first Mobile Threat that appeared in year 2004, that is Cabir.A has shown that mobile phone threat is a proof-of-concept application. However, most Symbian malwares are still quite primitive and most of them are not in the form of executable code. It is able to replicates itself via bluetooth devices that supporting Symbian Series 60 user interface platform.

To date, Cabir.A has been spreaded widely until affected many countries such as Malaysia, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore etc.

Cell phone threat are currently targeting on Symbian Series 60 user interface platform only because its population has been increased. Year 2005 has been proved to us that more than 120 types of variants that exists worldwide today and virus creators has been use Cabir as a basis to create more damageable malware.

The matter that worried by anti-virus firm is that virus creators release and release their source code. A very good example is, a Brazilian fella has spreaded the cabir source code since last year December and now causing more than 26 variants that detected as Cabir Variant!

Cell phone virus is a proof-of-concept application that might describe same as computer viruses that install itself into the targeted device and executes its malicious code to “infect” the phone with preset command.

Profimail v2.75_FULL.SIS/ Mabtal.A is a SIS file malware that pretends to be a cracked version of Profimail which is a very popular E-Mailing third party application in Symbian Platform, in fact, it is a malware which drops Mabir.A, Caribe and Fontal variants into the phone system, besides, it also drops some corrupted binaries file which causing the phone auto-restart and showing fatal error message. Next the phone will fail to boot-up permanently.

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