Study to investigate 3G health effects

By | November 29, 2004

The University of Essex opened today a new laboratory to study the effects of mobile phones mast on human health, including the new 3G masts.

The Electromagnetics and Health (EMH) Laboratory will be used to study the impact of electromagnetic fields on health. The project is led by the Department of Psychology at the University and funded by the Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research Programme.

Nearly 20,000 people already surveyed in Essex to find out what proportion reported sensitivity to electromagnetic fields. The people will be exposed to electromagnetic signals from mobile phones masts, 3G masts, and to no signals at all, and be asked to note down any symptoms they experience.

Mobile phone technology and usage continues to develop, and it is vital that research into potential health risks keeps pace. Our new laboratory at Essex is equipped to play an important role in understanding the effects of the electromagnetic fields generated by mobile-phone base stations on human health,” said Professor Elaine Fox.

The research project is set to last two years.

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