StrikeIron Launches Super Data Pack

By | September 26, 2006

StrikeIron Inc., provider of the Web Services Marketplace, today announced the launch of the StrikeIron Super Data Pack. Designed to ease the development of composite applications, Web applications, mashups, and other data-driven applications, the Super Data Pack provides risk-free access to dozens of different data sources all under a single registered account. As part of the package available now, StrikeIron is providing access to the first 10,000 hits per month across all of the various data sources at no cost or commitment from the user.

Leveraging external data sources help an organization reduce the costs associated with fragmented, redundant, and out-dated data, including the maintenance and hardware costs of storing and updating data internally. As an example, the Web services within the Super Data Pack can quickly be integrated into a service oriented architecture (SOA) in order to expand the breadth and depth of data available throughout the enterprise while decreasing the cost of maintaining the same data internally.

“StrikeIron offers a compelling solution for users who are looking for agile, resilient access to multiple external data sources,” said Jason Bloomberg, Senior Analyst, ZapThink LLC. “When you combine StrikeIron’s Super Data Pack with the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace, users can start with simple data mashups, and quickly build sophisticated service-oriented composite applications that solve dynamic business challenges.”

One of the challenges for SOA projects integrating with external Web services is the ability to handle authentication and transaction tracking across disparate sets of data. The Super Data Pack provides a consistent mechanism and interface for developers and end-users, regardless of the Web service being integrated, to quickly and easily create robust composite applications without having to juggle multiple authentications and dealing with inconsistent Web services implementations. These free Web services can be combined with any of the StrikeIron Marketplace commercial Web services to create CRM, e-commerce, data quality applications and much more.

The Super Data Pack currently has 20 services, with plans to be at over 100 services by the end of 2006. This includes Web services that provide city, county, and state information across the US, healthcare-related data, governmental data, international data, business data, communications related data, transportation data, financial data, statistics, and more. In addition, StrikeIron is seeking partners who want to list their Web services or publicly available data for use with the Super Data Pack (e.g. a list of all the major golf courses or a directory of locations for a restaurant chain). Visit for more information.

“The Super Data Pack really helps to open the flood gates of what is possible with Web services, service oriented architecture, and the Programmable Web,” said Bob Brauer, CEO and president of StrikeIron. “We are excited about providing the platform that brings all of this live data together and makes it consistent and easy to use for delivery into a broad range of real-time applications.”

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