StrikeIron Continues Momentum with Addition of a Dozen New Web Services

By | August 23, 2006

StrikeIron Inc., provider of the Web Services Marketplace, today announced the addition of 12 new commercial Web services available in the StrikeIron Marketplace. These new offerings provide on-demand access to live data and functionality across a wide range of business services, including business credit and fraud, weather, commerce, business demographics and data quality.

These Web services will be available to both individual businesses and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who wish to integrate them into their applications, Web sites, and business processes. For example, live data from these services can be integrated into CRM systems or Web applications to allow real-time access to the credit and business information of any company.

“Inaccurate and incomplete data can be costly and tedious to correct for millions of businesses, and even more costly over time if left unaddressed,“ said Bob Brauer, president and co-founder of StrikeIron. “By offering real-time access to multiple data sources in a consistent, standardized way, we are able to help our customers resolve these issues without the traditional integration costs of in-house software, while simultaneously enabling a whole new class of real-time applications.”

StrikeIron has continued to increase both the number of new publishers and commercial Web services available in its Marketplace. In addition to these new services, StrikeIron added over 340 new customers so far this year.

StrikeIron’s twelve new Web services include:

Barcode Reader – enables detection and decoding of barcodes from an image file.

Business Verification – enables users to check a company and its location with background information such as primary name, address, phone number, SIC code, and more.

Business Credit Check – allows users to perform low risk credit assessments and pre-screen prospects.

Currency Rates – provides global currency rates for 115 major currencies.

Geopoint – Utilizing business names, it provides access to rooftop geographic information (latitude and longitude coordinates) for use in pinpointing business locations and as part of pre-screening marketing and sales processes.

Geocoding – enables the ability to perform US address-based geocoding.

Global Address Locator – provides corrections and proximity candidate lists for international addresses.

Real Estate Amortization Calculator – calculates fixed rate amortization data in a variety of formats.

Real Time Telephone Verification – enables real-time telephone number verification.

Weather By City – retrieves the current day’s weather for any city.

World Business Demographics – allows users to gain real-time marketing information about a potential prospect such as business name, address, fax, phone and trade style.

ZIP Codes By Coordinates – locates ZIP Codes in a radius from given coordinates or another ZIP code.

In addition, StrikeIron has created a library of sample Microsoft Excel workbooks that demonstrate using the StrikeIron Web Services OnDemand for Excel add-in to create “live” spreadsheets from multiple Web services without any programming. These free Excel workbooks allow users to have easy, drag-and-drop access to real-time data available right on their desktop which can be customized or combined with other data. This enables powerful spreadsheets to be created with live data.

These services are all part of the growing StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace, the world’s largest online marketplace dedicated to commercial Web services. The StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace brings together a community of providers and users to buy and sell Web services subscriptions. Users who subscribe through the StrikeIron Marketplace have instant access to a rich set of functionality and data and can take advantage of more flexible choices of protocols, simplified sign-on, simplified billing and accounting, flexible pricing alternatives, and integrated tools and services to accelerate their utilization of Web services.

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