Storage and Compliance Manager for Mac OS

By | January 12, 2006

Atempo has announced that its storage security solution, Time Navigator Security and Compliance Manager (SCM), now supports Mac OS X Tiger and Mac OS X Server Tiger. In addition, Time Navigator data protection software includes an intuitive installer, a new native Mac OS X Graphic User Interface and a Dashboard widget for easily monitoring backup activity on the desktop.

The latest version of Time Navigator allows IT managers an outstanding user interface and advanced information life cycle solution. “For our Mac customers the ability to provide a comprehensive, integrated data protection, data security and data lifecycle management solution is critical to securely managing their digital content,” said Stephen Terlizzi, Vice President of Global Marketing at Atempo.

Atempo´s Time Navigator SCM storage security solution integrates multiple layers of security technologies to protect ´in-flight´ and ´at-rest´ digital information and secure it against eavesdropping, tampering and impersonation.

Now that compliance authorities demand that enterprises safeguard the privacy and authenticity of their data, Time Navigator SCM gives organizations a single tool to counter multiple data security threats and protect digital assets for desktops and servers over their information lifecycle.

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