Stonesoft Lowers The Risks Of Doing Business In A Digitalised World

By | April 5, 2006

In today’s digitalised world there are many new kinds of risks related to the security and availability of information. The convergence of data, voice, and video traffic to single networks has led to an increase in the amount of traffic on those IP networks, the criticality of that traffic, and the complexity of the networks themselves.

Stonesoft’s new StoneGate Security Platform enables distributed enterprises, multi-site businesses, and other organisations to dramatically lower the risks and costs of doing business in a digitalised world.

“Converged services like Voice over IP require a new approach for business-critical connectivity. This means that we need to provide confidentiality, ensure availability, and optimise resources,” said Ilkka Hiidenheimo, CEO and founder of Stonesoft Corp.

The new StoneGate Security Platform secures confidentiality of converged services and ensures the highest level of resilience for the communication. This is achieved through combining Quality of Service (QoS), bandwidth management, and Multi-Link Technology and clustering. As a result, traffic labeling and prioritisation, reservation of bandwidth, and utilisation of the best performing links, and resilient infrastructure together ensure continuous availability of business critical services.

New Solutions to Secure Converged Services

New StoneGate Firewall/VPN appliances (SG-3100-C & SG-1100) are ideal for enterprises that need to ensure secured, optimised, and resilient connectivity for converged services. To protect business-critical web-based applications, the new StoneGate Firewall/VPN appliances are able to identify and block various application level attacks and worms as they are trying to pass the firewall.

New StoneGate IPS appliances can be used both as traditional intrusion detection systems (IDS) or as inline intrusion prevention systems (IPS). When used in inline mode, a StoneGate IPS not only identifies malicious traffic, but can also stop the traffic, thus preventing any potential damage from worms and other attacks. This protects unpatched systems and gives organisations more time to patch their systems.

Each new StoneGate inline IPS appliance (SGI-2000S, SGI-200S and SGI-200C) is equipped with a fail-open card, to let traffic by-pass the device in case the appliance is in an off-line state. The new SGI-200N is also designed to be used with external by-pass devices or as a passive IDS sensor, while the new StoneGate IPS analyser SGI-200-ANZ carries out event correlation.

In order that security administrators are able to react quickly and appropriately to security, network traffic, or system incidents, it is vital they have access to accurate information. They need both detailed and high-level information on connectivity status and of the system itself.

The innovative StoneGate Management Center offers unified centralised management for StoneGate Firewall/VPN and StoneGate IPS appliances, and is able to produce this vital information. It also ensures continuous resource optimisation and availability to provide the best possible support for business processes.

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