Stonesoft Introduces Industry’s First Internal Firewall/VPN Solution for IBM eServer zSeries Mainframes with Fully Clustered Active-Active Load-Balancing Capabilities

By | March 6, 2006

Stonesoft Corp., an innovative provider of integrated network security and business continuity solutions, today announced the availability of its StoneGate(TM) firewall and VPN with active-active cluster functionality for the IBM(R) eServer(R) zSeries. This new release extends Stonesoft´s award-winning firewall load-balancing technology to StoneGate for zSeries mainframes by offering the industry´s first fully clustered internal enterprise firewall and VPN solution with load-balancing capabilities.

This latest enhancement of StoneGate for zSeries was developed in response to the demand in the marketplace for active-active firewall clustering and transparent connection fail over in these environments. StoneGate for zSeries fully utilizes z/VM 5.1 layer 2 functionality in order to provide active-active clustering. With StoneGate for zSeries, cluster nodes can even reside in separate mainframes and traffic can be load-balanced between them. This is useful when building hot disaster recovery sites.

Additionally, this feature is of particular importance to companies that require always-on services and for whom disruptions in connectivity are not an option. For example, financial institutions that need transactions to be flowing at all times; a disruption in connectivity while a teller is servicing a customer would have an adverse affect on customer satisfaction.

“We´re very pleased to be at the forefront of the industry in delivering a firewall and VPN solution for IBM eServer zSeries Mainframes,” said IIkka Hiidenheimo, founder and CEO, Stonesoft Corp. “As mainframes are an integral piece of very critical network environments, enabling load-balancing and firewall clustering in these environments is key. We´re happy to extend this capability to our customers.”

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