Stinghorn Secure Business Suite

By | February 7, 2006

Stinghorn has published a new version of their information security solution Stinghorn Secure Business Suite. The new version brings in enhancements especially to building of secure remote connections. Stinghorn SBS offers now Client-to-Site VPN gateway that can be connected with all major computer operating systems as well as with PDA devices and SmartPhones.

Stinghorn SBS system offers globally unique solution for secure interconnection of mobile and static workstations; entire IP based data networks as well as PDA and mobile devices.

Stinghorn SBS is a collection of standardized software based data network services, from which a tailored solution can be put together to solve customers´ network security problems. In addition to VPN service components, Stinghorn SBS includes also firewall, DHCP, failover DNS and RADIUS -services. All Stinghorn SBS network services are connected to one graphical Management System, which enables service management either locally or centrally.

Stinghorn SBS offers one single VPN gateway that can be used to create secure VPN connections from all major operating systems: Windows XP/2000, Mac OS X Tiger/Panther and Linux as well as from PDA devices and SmartPhones based on Windows Mobile operating system. With competing solutions one would need numerous separate devices and softwares to achieve the same functionalities.

Stinghorn SBS offers the easiest way to build secure inter-office VPN connections. Through just one web based management screen the administrator can choose how he wants to connect the offices together. With STAR-shaped network headquarters are connected to every branch office while with MESH option every office is interconnected to every other office using a large group of VPN- networks. All settings and configuration is done automatically.

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