SteelEye Joins XenSource Partner Program

By | November 13, 2006

SteelEye Technology, a provider of award-winning data protection and application availability solutions for Linux and Windows, has announced that it has joined the XenSource Partner Program as a charter member and Premier Partner.

The new partnership will grant SteelEye access to technical information and resources needed to enable its suite of high availability clustering, data replication and disaster recovery solutions for the new XenEnterprise platform.

With LifeKeeper, users can cluster together physical and virtual servers in any combination to build cost-effective configurations which optimise application and data availability. Critical resources are monitored and automatically migrated among physical and virtual servers as needed to ensure that they are always available. With the ability to run in either shared storage or replicated data clusters and its support for both Linux and Windows platforms, LifeKeeper is the industry´s most flexible HA clustering solution.

“This alliance is a powerful combination,” said Bob Williamson, Vice President of Products for SteelEye. “As a long-time supporter of the use of open source technologies for business-critical computing, we appreciate the focus and effort which XenSource has placed on bringing Xen to the enterprise. We will support that initiative by working closely together to ensure that the SteelEye family of products is available to support the use of Xen for enterprise deployments.”

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