Starmap Selects Alphyra and Redknee to Provide Roaming Broker Solution

By | March 8, 2006

Redknee Inc., a leading provider of innovative infrastructure software that monetises and personalises services and content for mobile users, today announced it has been working with alphyra, who own Europe´s largest independent payment network, to deliver the Roaming Recharge Broker Solution for the Starmap Mobile Alliance. The solution conveniently allows travelers to top-up their prepaid account using vouchers from another country´s network operator as if they were in their home network.

Alphyra, the European leader in electronic transactions, will operate the Roaming Recharge Broker on behalf of the Starmap Mobile Alliance using software jointly developed for the purpose. The Starmap Mobile Alliance is a union of eleven leading mobile operators that allows mobile service for 65 million subscribers to travel seamlessly and effortlessly between Great Britain (O2), Ireland (O2), Germany (O2), Italy (Wind), Norway (Telenor), Denmark (Sonofon), Spain (Amena), Switzerland (Sunrise) and Hungary (Pannon).

The Roaming Recharge Broker (RRB) allows roamers to purchase vouchers in a visited country and using their mobile phone have this amount credited to their home network prepaid account. Redknee have provided the customer top-up interface supporting IVR and USSD and provide the logic to debit visited operators voucher management system and credit subscriber accounts in the home country prepaid system.

“We are excited about making seamless international recharge and transfer of funds possible between multiple operators within the Starmap Mobile Alliance. This provides prepaid travelers with the utmost in convenience and simplicity,” said Lucas Skoczkowski, CEO of Redknee. “Alphyra and the Starmap Mobile Alliance have demonstrated a strong commitment to the success of their subscribers, while building strong mobile commerce capability for their subscribers. We are pleased they chose Redknee to provide the necessary mission critical software infrastructure to service 65 million subscribers across all the networks.”

The Roaming Recharge Broker commercial launch occurred February 10th. Starmap members One Austria and Eurotel in the Czech Republic are not yet offering this service.

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