Star Steps up Internet and Email Security for Global Environmental Consultancy ERM

By | May 30, 2006

Star, a leading provider of managed technology services to mid-sized organisations in the UK, announced that ERM, the largest all-environmental consultancy in the world, has entered a new managed services security agreement with Star. This new agreement will include protection against internet threats, viruses, spam and unsuitable content, which, according to the Department of Trade and Industry, costs UK business approximately Ј10 billion a year. Under this three-year agreement, Star, will provide ERM with a comprehensive managed security strategy to protect the business from such threats as well as enabling control of communications into and out of the company.

“It’s a fact of business today that we are highly vulnerable to threats posed by the internet and email. Given the growing levels of sophistication of these, it makes sense to draw on the expertise of specialist managed service providers such as Star to minimise the risks these pose to our daily operations,” said Ian Golding, Chief Technology Officer at ERM. “By working with Star, we are able to benefit from technology and specialist skills which complement our existing in-house capabilities and implement a robust security solution which would otherwise have been unattainable for a company of our size. Star has an outstanding record for reliability and customer service, and we are confident they will continue to offer the best protection for our business.”

Using a comprehensive email security system powered by MessageLabs, the global leader in managed email security services, Star offers ERM a sophisticated, efficient and robust solution to a problem which can devastate businesses if they fail to take sufficient preventative action.

Star’s managed technology services offering, which features best-in-class technology supported by specialist expertise, allows ERM to significantly improve its ability to combat internet and email-based threats which compromise critical data and systems, disrupt the business and cause damage to a company’s reputation. The service, which will protect over 2,800 users in 39 countries, is expected to be fully deployed by July, 06.

Mark Oxlade, Business Development Director for Star said, “Protecting the business from internet and email security issues is a very real concern for organisations of all sizes. It’s one which many businesses struggle to tackle themselves as they lack detailed up-to-date information and visibility of the extent of the problem. Staff are constrained by time and competing issues too, so taking the decision to give the problem to Star to deal with makes sense.”

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