SSH and Centrify Deliver Secure Communications for Heterogeneous Computing Environments

By | May 22, 2006

SSH Communications Security Corp. (HEX:SSH1V), a world-leading provider of enterprise security solutions and end-to-end communications security, and the original developer of the Secure Shell protocol, today announced that Centrify Corporation and SSH have tested and verified interoperability of their respective solutions on all platforms they share in common.

Implementing SSH Tectia™ and Centrify DirectControl in tandem, enterprises can enable secure communications across diverse platforms while centralizing the administration of passwords and identities in Microsoft Active Directory.

Centrify DirectControl allows an administrator to leverage Kerberos and Active Directory for single sign-on on non-Microsoft platforms. SSH Tectia, with its broadest platform support of any Secure Shell solution on the market today, enables enterprises to implement secure encrypted file transfer, system administration and application connectivity throughout heterogeneous environments. Together, SSH Tectia and DirectControl will help IT managers deliver seamless and secure cross-platform communications for both internal and external users, easing the burden placed on valuable IT resources.

“SSH Tectia has a proven track record of securing complex, multi-platform enterprise organizations worldwide, making it the ideal complement to DirectControl,” said Tom Kemp, CEO of Centrify Corporation. “We are delighted to work with SSH to help our customers increase the security of their transactions and reduce their administrative overhead.”

“Many enterprise IT organizations are using or evaluating Active Directory for user authentication and access control across heterogeneous network infrastructures,” said George Adams, president and CEO of SSH Communications Security, Inc. “We are very pleased to work with Centrify to assure the interoperability of our industry-leading network security solutions and help solve the increasingly complex demands on enterprise IT organizations in protecting valuable corporate data from internal and external threats.”

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