Spyware and Small Business Guide

By | April 24, 2006

Webroot Software has announced the release of Spyware & Small Business, an informative guide developed exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses to educate and inform them on the massive risks spyware poses to their company’s networks and assets.

Webroot warns that SMBs are especially attractive to spyware criminals due to their often limited IT resources and lack of network security. According to a survey of SMBs conducted by Webroot, more than 50 percent of small and medium-sized businesses experienced a spyware attack during the first quarter of 2006. The ramifications of these spyware attacks on the businesses themselves were particularly disturbing. Of those attacked, 63 percent experienced slowed system performance, 56 percent reported a reduction in employee productivity, 34 percent experienced a negative impact on their bottom line and 20 percent reported a loss in sales.

Webroot also cautions in the guide that SMBs have more to lose in a spyware attack than the average larger enterprise. Since spyware criminals are financially motivated, most are interested in stealing any information that could benefit them financially – personal customer data, payroll information, bank account numbers, network passwords, etc. While most enterprises could survive a spyware attack that for example, resulted in the loss of $50,000 in sales, SMBs often operate under extremely limited profit margins, meaning a single spyware attack could easily dismantle an entire business.

“Spyware criminals seek the path of least resistance and unfortunately, SMBs often offer that path due to limited resources and inadequate security measures,” said David Moll, CEO of Webroot Software. “Larger enterprise organizations have extensive internal IT departments, deep revenue sources and can publicly be held accountable to millions of stockholders and customers should a data security breach occur. Cyber criminals are very aware of this difference between the security measures deployed by enterprises and SMBs, and leverage it to their own benefit.”

Webroot’s “Spyware & Small Business” guide is available for download at www.webroot.com/smbfacts.

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