Spyware is the Greatest Threats to Corporate Network

By | December 8, 2005

While companies perceive spyware as the most prevalent threat to their network, most of system administrators and IT managers find managing it overwhelming, according to new findings of a recently published report.

The report published by Sunbelt System Software, identified spyware to be of greater concern than phishing and viruses with 68 per cent of respondents distinguishing it as their principal security problem. 94 per cent believe spyware is hampering the productivity of users and wasting company time in rectifying the difficulties it generates.

“This research has confirmed what the IT security industry has suspected for a long time,” said Ian Masters, sales director at Sunbelt Software. “The analyst community has accepted that spyware has rapidly developed from a mere nuisance to the serious threat it is today and it is now estimated that spyware is responsible for nearly a third of all help desk calls.”

The report also highlighted the reluctance of organizations to make impulsive spending decisions with 37 per cent of respondents unable to name a favourtie anti-spyware product and claiming they are waiting for an enterprise-ready anti-spyware solution to protect against this threat.

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