Spyrus USB 2.0 Personal Security Token

By | February 13, 2006

Spyrus has announced the world´s first USB 2.0 personal hardware security token that seamlessly integrates secure mass storage using Suite B cryptographic algorithms, high performance encryption and authentication services, and One Time Passwords.

The SPYRUS Hydra Privacy Card Series II enables the same powerful Windows encryption and authentication services as the SPYRUS Rosetta security devices, and includes Suite B; Elliptic Curve Cryptography, the Advanced Encryption Standard and “SHA-2.”

Mass storage is provided by a removable and replaceable miniSD memory media. All data stored on this media is encrypted with Suite B algorithms, with high-performance encryption delivering data access at rates in excess of 20 MB per second. The co-resident Hydra PC authentication services mean that all data stored on the device is securely linked to the identity of its owner, which delivers strong, personal control of and accountability for all data stored on the device.

Hydra PC also has an OATH-compliant authentication application that supports current generation and next generation algorithms. These features make the compact, portable Hydra PC the ideal device to secure, store and easily transport critical data for a number of markets, including financial services, healthcare, commercial enterprise and for government applications in law enforcement, military and homeland security.

“The new Hydra PC raises the bar for powerful, high speed encryption, authentication and storage on a device the size of a commercial USB flash drive,” said Tom Dickens, chief operating officer, SPYRUS.

RSA Conference 2006

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