Special Operations Software Announces Availability of Unique Group Policy

By | December 5, 2006

Special Operations Software, the leading provider of Systems Management Group Policy Extensions software, today announced the availability of a new Group Policy Extension called Specops Inventory.

“The systems management potential of Group Policy is huge and up until now it has been impossible to perform inventory of all IT assets solely by utilizing the existing Active Directory infrastructure already in place,” said Robert Lundh, CEO of Special Operations Software. “Specops Inventory is a Group Policy CSE that gathers information from desktops and servers, both from the computer’s and the logged on user’s perspective, giving a new dimension to modern IT Asset Management.”

Companies using Specops Inventory will increase their overall compliance regarding software licenses, IT assets and set company IT standards. And the results are almost immediate as Specops Inventory installs in less than one hour and will start updating as soon as Group Policy refreshes, something that usually takes a maximum of 90 minutes after install.

A great challenge for companies today is to know, in real time, if they are Software License Compliant (SLC) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliant. As an example, License Manager Professionals responsible for all Microsoft or Adobe licenses in an organization will know exactly when it is time to either buy more licenses or to renegotiate existing maintenance agreements, by using the subscription functionality of Specops Inventory. Alternatively it also helps users know when they have too many licenses, helping to avoid expensive renewals.

Specops Inventory is now available as a free fully functional trial version download on the Company’s website: http://www.specopssoft.com.

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Special Operations Software Announces Availability of Specops Password Policy 1.2

By | April 26, 2006

Special Operations Software, a global provider of Active Directory integrated and Group Policy extension server and desktop management software, today announced the availability Specops Password Policy 1.2. Specops Password Policy is a software product that removes the limitation of only one password policy per Active Directory domain. The 1.2 release contains a useful new feature that allows for different password age settings within each password policy.
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