Spam, Viruses Tops IT Security Concerns

By | August 23, 2005

Small and medium sized enterprises in 2005 are most concerned of spam and virus attacks and are prepared to spend as needed to bolster their protection, according to findings of a study examined top IT security fears among small businesses.

In a study, commissioned by WatchGuard, network and security professionals from SME businesses were asked to rank their businesses top security concern. More than 80 percent identified spam email as a key issue, whilst 60 percent also pointed the problem of virus attacks.

In addition, businesses ranked complexity of threats, lack of time and/or resources and low awareness of security from the staff as the significant obstacles when coping with the security threats.

“The findings of our latest security survey underline the growing risk of viral attacks amongst Europe’s SME organizations,” comments Richard Reid, Managing Director, EMEA, WatchGuard. “More importantly, these results also confirm the constantly-evolving nature of security threats and the critical importance of staying one step ahead.”

The study also finds that businesses are planning to bolster their defense against spam and virus attacks, implementing additional firewalls and encryption, and development of emergency case study scenarios.

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