Spam free inbox with SPAMfighter

By | November 21, 2006

SPAMfighter is an anti-spam solution for Outlook and Outlook Express. In contrast to traditional anti-spam products that rely on filters and rules, SPAMfighter utilizes its users, who instantly report any spam email they receive, to provide protection from the latest spam and phishing attacks.

Once several users have marked the same email as spam, SPAMfighter will automatically filter the email for the rest of the users, that is, makes the product accurate and reliable. In addition, SPAMfighter implements its own anti-spam filtering engine to maximize the protection level.

When installation completes, you will have a spam folder and the “Block” and “Unblock” buttons on you Outlook / Outlook Express toolbar. Being an out-of-the-box solution, once installed, you can simply forget about it.

Each time you check your email, the system automatically checks your mail against the SPAMfighter servers list of known spam messages. If a message is identified as spam, it is automatically moved to the Spam folder. To help improving filtering capabilities, users can send any spam email that they receive to SPAMfighter server for further analysis. SPAMfighter also allows defining white-lists and black-lists. Both are either based on domain names or an email address.

Another very handy feature is the language recognition filter. Basically, it allows you to receive or reject emails based on their language. Over 15 languages are supported.

SPAMfighter Pro is priced at $29. You can download the free version, but it lacks the advanced features such as language recognition. Windows 2000 or higher is required.

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