Sourcefire Automated Real-Time Compliance Solution

By | June 6, 2006

Sourcefire has announced the industry´s first automated network compliance solution, enabled by the next generation of Sourcefire´s groundbreaking Real-time Network Awareness (RNA) technology. Customers can now turn RNA´s real-time knowledge of network composition and traffic behavior into a compliance policy at the click of a mouse.

Historically, compliance monitoring has been an iterative process where compliance audits were performed as infrequently as once per year. Even for the most diligent compliance administrators, defining compliance policies in complex business environments has been an overwhelming task. RNA 4.0 directly addresses both of these challenges – turning compliance into a truly real-time process while also making the definition and enforcement of IT policies highly automated and easy to maintain.

With RNA 4.0, Sourcefire customers will now be able to define and set compliance policies for endpoints, subnets, or networks with the click of a mouse. Once defined, any change outside of policy would result in immediate notification followed by an array of possible corrective actions, including the sending of an alert, redirection of the asset into a ´sandbox´ or quarantined network, blocking some or all traffic to or from the asset, and corrective measures such as patch and configuration management. RNA 4.0 will also include a sophisticated, yet very easy to use, compliance dashboard that will allow administrators to monitor and report on compliance in real-time.

“RNA was invented to provide the real-time-all-of-the-time network intelligence needed to transform the efficiency of network intrusion detection and prevention,” said Martin Roesch, Sourcefire founder and the creator of Snort. “With the ´One-click Compliance´ functionality of RNA 4.0, our customers will be able to realize similarly dramatic gains in efficiency as they enforce compliance with their IT security policy.”

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