Solving the Security Challenge of Dynamic Networks

By | August 15, 2006

Europe is hurtling toward an information society capable of offering communication services anywhere in the world; a society where data and communication devices spontaneously form networks using any medium with any protocol to access any service. So far, such a proposition is not too secure. But researchers are on the case.

As networks undergo profound changes in their very nature, expanding at dizzying speed, potential security risks are increasing at an equal or even greater rate. Yet there is one promising approach to solving the security problems posed by such fast expanding networks — that of evolutionary and adaptive security. Three IST projects are tackling the problem on this basis.

“The most relevant issue is that the combination of heterogeneity and dynamism will make it impossible for security engineers to foresee all the possible situations that may arise and to create solutions for them,” said Antonio Maсa, scientific coordinator for the SERENITY project. In other words, it´s impossible to create a solution if you don´t know the problem.Read Full Story

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