Solving Laptop Larceny

By | June 18, 2006

In May, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs learned the hard way that laptop computers are easy targets for theft: burglars struck the home of a department analyst who´d taken his laptop home without authorization, and made off with social-security numbers, birth dates, and other personal information for more than 26 million veterans and spouses, as well as 2 million active military, National Guard, and Reserves personnel.

That well-publicized incident — the latest in a string of thefts compromising key data from large organizations — is reawakening interest in technologies for protecting laptops and prompting security companies to tout their latest advances.

These new systems, which aren´t intended to prevent theft, but rather mitigate their consequences, come in three flavors: tracking software, encryption, and “kill” switches that can make a laptop´s data self-destruct.Read Full Story

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