SMEs are not keeping pace with IT security

By | May 30, 2006

A new survey soon to be released by the Yankee Group and the Information Technology Solution Provider Alliance (ITSPA) shows SMEs are falling behind on IT security and many still have first-generation security solutions that are not effective against significant threats that may attack their networks.

Tom Newton, product manager, SmoothWall said: “The report warns of SMEs falling behind due to the increased cost and complexity of security solutions – this is not wholly an SME problem, it is a problem security vendors need to address, and a hot issue at SmoothWall. Small and medium sized enterprises usually find that implementing cutting edge security solutions are prohibitive due to price and believe that because of their size it doesn´t matter if they buy security measures that are out-dated, as they have less to protect so they use less to protect it.”

“This cost-cutting may seem like a good idea and make no real difference in the long-run, but just because you aren´t a huge corporate firm doesn´t mean you aren´t at risk from exactly the same dangers. In fact, it is because of this lack of security that malicious attacks specifically target SMEs, sometimes irreversibly crippling their business. Decent security needn´t cost a fortune and there are security solutions out there which can make protect a small firm as well as it does a large corporate.

“All organisations, regardless of size, need to be protected in today´s dangerous cyber-world. Though SMEs may not realise it, there are SME-specific security solutions that don´t eat enormously into their budget, whether that be virus protection or content filtering, and still leaves them fully protected against even the cleverest of attackers. The extra budget for security may seem unnecessary at the time when you can get cheaper first-generation products which seem to do the same thing, but it will seem a small sacrifice if it ever saves your company from extinction.”

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