Smartphones at Risk

By | April 25, 2006

Mobile Malware: The Enterprise at Risk evaluates the potential impact on enterprise telecom and IT resources of mobile malware – viruses that target the operating systems driving today´s leading mobile phones and computing devices, including Research in Motion´s BlackBerry. The report identifies the potential entry points of malware programs and assesses the threat level that each potential trouble spot poses to the enterprise.

The report surveys anti-malware products and solutions available from wireless service providers, handset makers, and third-party security software companies. It also includes a set of “Insider Tips” – guidelines and procedures that enterprise telecom and IT departments should consider to minimize exposure to malware risk.

The rapid uptake of advanced wireless devices by the enterprise workforce is making malware a more serious threat to telecom and IT resources, notes Tim Kridel, research analyst for Unstrung Enterprise Insider and author of the report.Read Full Story

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