Smart Web – Looking Into the Future

By | November 1, 2004

Alexander Linden, a prominent Gartner Research analyst will be talking about the future later this week in Cannes, France. Smart Web was held ahead of this week´s ITXpo symposium, an annual event held to identify the future of technology.

Many of this year´s innovations and technologies will cause tech watchers a sense of deja vu, as they spring right out of the last tech bubble.

From micropayments to smart mobile clients, Linden will be bringing the New Economy a much needed breath of fresh air. While the air isn´t necessarily new, it is always refreshing to see companies with real business plans making smart moves in this smart new world.

Investors are also seeing a raft of new opportunities from data standardization through to embedded smart devices. Investors are seeking the technologies which will ultimately end up fueling this smarter and more mobile vision of the Internet.

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